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How To Bypass Lumia Reset Protection Recovery Key

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Before we proceed, Let’s get the Lumia Reset Protection Recovery Key Downloaded

Lumia Reset Protection


Bypass Lumia Factory Reset Protection

If you are a fan of windows phone or a technician, you must have come across Lumia Reset Protection, which can be generally referred to as Anti-theft Lock. This protection is normally signed in as logged-in credentials by the original owner of the device to protect unauthorized users from getting access, in this case, a factory reset will place a lock on the device and prevent intruders from getting access to the phone.

We will be taking you on a simple guide and tips, to get your Lumia/Windows phone out of the lock protection:

  1. Extract Bypass FRP Lumia Reset Protection Recovery key.rar file and install all the drivers therein.
  2. Copy the Reset_protection_Lumia folder into the C/ drive on your computer.
Lumia Reset Protection Tutorial

3. Open Reset_Protection_Lumia Folder on C/ Drive, again, open iutool folder; right-click on the root of the folder and Open command window here 

4. Connect your windows/Lumia phone to the Computer, make sure windows drivers are installed correctly and copy this line of code: iutool -v -p C: \ cabs and paste it on the command prompt and press Enter↵. See screenshot below:

Lumia Reset Protection

5. A little while, the script will bypass the lock, you might encounter errors, just ignore and restart your device, done? Congrats!!!

If you notice any failure upon following this guide, use the comment section below the post.

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