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How To Flash Coolpad 8750 With Reliable Steps

How To Flash Coolpad 8750 With Reliable Steps

We have already featured a similar post like this in the past concerning How To Flash Coolpad devices. Today, is another similar, but entirely different steps with regards to different chipsets. On this guide, you will learn How To Flash Coolpad 8750 With Reliable Steps.

Follow detailded guide below.

Before we proceed, we must first fix some of the regularly occurred errors during flashing by following the title description link below:

How To Flash Coolpad 8720L And All Coolpad Devices.(Complete Guide+files)


If you followed, the above link and downloaded the required executable files and installed on your PC, happy flashing!!!

Now to get coolpad firmware for scartter files, you will need to download YDGP TOOL, whicj is also included in the above described link.


But for this tutorial, we will just need to adhere to steps provided here.

  • Download YGDP TOOL for flashing and extracting coolpad related component images
  • Download Coolpad 8750 STOCK FIRMWARE fromĀ  Android MTK
  • Extract the downloaded package file, also, extract YGDP TOOL.
  • Open YGDP TOOL, click on Config, go to select CPB File and browse the location you have extracted firmware and select the file extension with .cpb

  • Click Apply, during file when file is loading, quickly go YGDP TOOL and locate download files, right in the root of the sub folders, you will find a folder named 8750, copy the component extracted images to another folder.

  • If copy is hauled, click Apply and click retry to attempt copying all images from the YGDP Folder. The following screenshot is what the copied component images look like:


  • In the copied component images, Run SWDownloader as administrator and browse to firmware location

  • In the extracted firmware location, choose pxa1088ff_8750_def_notiepian_assembly.blf and load, you will find the following interface as shown in the screenshot below

  • Click on the start button and connect coolpad 8750 to PC. SEE SCREENSHOT BELOW


  • Flashing will begin, if everything is done correctly, see screenshot for progress flashing below

  • At the completion, you will see a pop, disconnect and power on device. see screenshot



Hope this guide helps! You’re comments are welcome!!

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