How To Root LG Aristo LM-X210MA In 5 Minutes ⋆ Major Solution Platform

How To Root LG Aristo LM-X210MA In 5 Minutes

How To Root LG Aristo LM-X210MA In 5 Minutes

LG Aristo LM-X210MA is one of the very good Metro PC devices, that comes with Android 7, Smooth Case, and use of back Wake/Sleep Button. Today, we will drop the guide to Root LG Aristo LM-X210MA In 5 Minutes.

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  • Root LG Aristo LM-X210MA In 5 Minutes
  • Unlock LG Aristo LM-X210MA Bootloader In Seconds
  • Install Magist APK On LG Aristo LM-X210MA For Root Management

Step 1: Unlocking Bootloader For LG Aristo LM-X210MA

  • Download and extract adb and fastboot drivers below link

Download Link

  • In adb and fastboot extracted folder, press SHIFT+RIGHT CLICK, and open command window here
  • Type  adb devices, once you’ve confirmed connection
  • Type adb reboot bootloader, device will reboot to fastboot mode
  • Type fastboot oem unlock , note that unlocking bootloader erases your device, so make sure you take a back up!
  • Finally, type  fastboot reboot, once device comes up, set it up as new, re-enable oem and usb debugging.

Step 2: Rooting LG Aristo LM-X210MA:

  • Download and copy Root_boot.img kernel into Adb and fastboot folder
  • Enable OEM and USB Debugging mode, and connect LG device to PC
  • Open Command window and Type: adb devices without quotes, once you see a serial number displayed in command prompt; device is connected
  • Boot  LG Aristo LM-X210MA into Fastboot mode by typing adb reboot bootloader, device will go into  fastboot mode.
  • Type fastboot flash boot root_boot.img 
  • Finally type fastboot reboot and install Magisk Manager App
  • Done!

Note: “This procedure is one of the simplest and effortless method of root. Summarily, the procedure just requires you to flash patch boot image and installing magist manager apk or superuer app; root is achieved!

Root LG Aristo LM-X210MA In 5 Minutes

We’ll be glad to have you comment on how far this procedure has helped you. Special Thanks to XDA-Developers Forum.

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