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Infinix X622 Hot S3X Imei Repair Guide

Infinix X622 Hot S3X Imei Repair Guide

If you have been following us, you must have noticed our most reliable solution for imei repair for the newly released Qualcomm Infinix devices. Solution ranges from Infinix X573, X608 & X622. On todays guide, we will be leading you with steps for Infinix X622 Hot S3X Imei Repair.

Requirements & Files To Download

Steps For Infinix X622 Hot S3X Imei Repair Guide

Extract Infinix X622 Hot S3x Factory signed File you downloaded above(You can rename them so you will understand which file to flash first, and so on…)

Open UMT QC FIRE Or NCK Box Qualcomm Module

If you are using UMT|QC FIRE Module to flash, check Program & Patch, click on the three(3) dots at the right and navigate to the folder you extracted signed_factory firmware and select rawprogram0.xml, don’t worry about patch, it will be auto-selected.

infinix x622 hot s3x imei repair
Flash Infinix Hot S3x X622

Once factory firmware is loaded, boot device to edl mode via test point by placing a peaker at the marked test-point. please refer to the page below for Test point:

Infinix Hot S3X X622 EDL Test Point Schematics

If you have applied test point correctly, based on the description above the linked page, press flash, wait for a while for program to finish loading firmware to phone.

At completion of flashing, power on device, connect to pc, chech device manager for diagnostics com port, if present, proceed to the next step.

  • Once device is on Factory firmware, enable oem and usb debugging and connect to Computer, check Device manager for diag port, if present, proceed to the next step…
  • Go to UMT QC Fire, click on Repair IMEI, you’ll be prompt with a warning screen, click Yes to continue
  • infinix x622 hot s3x imei repair
  • You’ll be prompted to select diagnostic port,  click Ok.
  • infinix x622 hot s3x imei repair
  • Another interface will pop up, click on Refresh and Ok
  • infinix x622 hot s3x imei repair
  • Once diag port is selected, you will be presented with the device Original Imei box 1 and 2, refill your desired imei data for Sim 1 &2 and press Ok.
  • The process will begin by backing up qcn and efs necessary for  imei repair.
  • Hold on… in the process, the device will be rebooted, during this time, you should allow the device to be fully booted up, then click Ok on umt qc fire twice{2x}
  • Click Refresh and  select diag port once again and press Ok.
  • Wait for the finalization process, this is when the repair takes place; and all necessary efs and qcn initially backed will be restored! As soon as you get the Finished notification, disconnect device, go to developers option and re-enable OEM & USB DEBUGGING, factory reset device from settings, wait for the erasing process to complete, it normally takes about 3-5mins, sometimes after completion, device goes off, turn it on again
  • Confirm your new imei by dialing *#06#. well done!!!

With the above process you should be able to write a new imei to your device, at this stage, you’ll be left with the firmware that comes with incomplete Apps, no playstore, No Google Apps.

To fix Infinix X622 Hot S3X Incomplete Menu Apps, Follow this page below to download Official Firmware

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