SM-G930F From Single Sim To Dual Step By Step ⋆ Major Solution Platform

SM-G930F From Single Sim To Dual Step By Step

SM-G930F From Single Sim To Dual Step By Step

We have decided to drop this guide to help you Convert SM-G930F From Single Sim To Dual Step By Step(SM-G930FD) This guide also works for the following models; SM-G930S, SM-G930L, SM-G930K & SM-G9308W.

The process does not just work straight up, the original os, does not permit device’s imei to be cloned easily. So we will have to list out a couple of nice custom roms, recommended for this guide.

Below Are List Of Custom Roms Permissive For Dual imei Conversion:

Follow This Link Below To Download List Of Custom Roms Permissive For Dual For imei Conversion:

*LIST OF S7, S7 EDGE Android 7.0 & 8.0 Custom Roms 2018


From the above link, you must have been redirected to final pages where these roms are, now if you have made your own choice of rom, based on which experience you want your android to run on, let’s get to the main deal of the day.


  1. Z3x Box, Chimera Tool, Octopus Box, e.t.c
  2. Computer & Original Usb Cable.
  3. SD CARD, For Flashing Custom Rom(OPTIONAL)
  4. Buy A Dual Sim Slot for your device.(Make sure You Test right where you’re buying to ensure it fits your device!!)
  5. A working Brain(Very Important)

  • Having installed one of the custom roms linked above, Open Z3x Box.
  • Dial on your phone(SM-G930S/L/K/W) *#0808#, Choose DM+ACM+ADB
  • Enable Usb Debugging and Oem Unlock and make sure you have rooted device.

Please note:

If you are to use Diag Mode to read cert, you are required not to root device, in anyways, read cert via diag mode for this device isn’t that important, as there are so many work arounds to get device working if anything goes wrong.

Insert your dual simcards before you begin!!!

1). If you have carried the above instructions, open z3x box and read cert.

2). Once cert is read, download and install Notepad++ Link here

3). Right click on cert file and open and edit with notepad++, duplicate certificate credentials in the following pattern below


4). Once you have concluded editing certificate credentials, click save. Please Refer to screenshot for SAVE BUTTON





5).Go to Repair interface in Z3x Box, enable adb connection, Set Sim Count to dual sim, wait for the process to complete!!


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6). Now, go back to z3x interface, click on Backup, you will see WRITE CERT, click on it and navigate to where you saved your edited Cert file and select, wait for certificate file to be re-written on your device.

7) At first boot, your device should boot with a displayed notification that you have enabled dual sim, you will be prompt to restart, do so and hope for the good news.

8) As soon as device is completely started up, wait a little while for system to initialize new settings, well done, your device now runs on dual sims, and efficiently working.


We Can Help To Do It For You Where Ever You Are!

Contact Us With This Whatsapp Number: +16282264130


How To Prepare For Our Remote Services:

Download USB Redirector From



If You Own A Z3x Box, Click here to download





For Those Who Could Not Read Cert From Phone(Reasons best known to you)

My Cert Is not Free!!!

Buy Dual Imei Clean Cert Below


Need Cert For Your Device, Request via Comment.

Take A Look At Our Recent Successful Jobs Below And Logs:


Job Logs:

Waiting ADB device… OK
Reading phone info…
Model: SM-G935F
Android version: 7.0
PDA version: G935FXXS1DQHN
CSC version: G935FPHN1DQF2
Phone version: G930SKSU1DPLP
Product code:
CSC country code: VIETNAM
CSC sales code: XXV
Phone SN: R39H50E0CT
IMEI: 355504071820916
HW version: REV0.8
RF cal date: 20160525
Chip name: EXYNOS8890
Modem board: SHANNON335
Security patch: 2017-08-01
Boot Warranty bit: 0
Incorrect model selected. This may damage your phone. Continue? Yes
Checking Super user right… true
Reading NV data… OK
Checking NV data… OK
Reading data… OK
Detecting MODEM… OK
Reading MODEM… OK
Calculating… OK
Writing zTool… OK
Initialization zTool… OK
Running zTool, please wait…
Start… OK
Initialization… OK
Generate and check client proof… OK
Verify proof by client… OK
Reading data… OK
HWID: E2 E0 9D 12 22 9D 00 29 4E 27 AC 2E 7B A9 9B C1
Calculating… OK
Initialization AT RIL…
AT RIL stopped, restarting… OK
Checking for compatible phone and cert
Phone KEY ID: 0870
Checking certificate file… OK
KEY ID: 0870
Crypting CERT 1… OK
Crypting CERT 2… OK
Writing NV data… OK
Rebooting phone… OK
Write CERT done

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  • May 30, 2019 at 2:06 am

    Hi This is great. Are the instructions the same for a G950N and do you have any suitable custom ROMs for the G950N?



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