SM-G950N ENG EFS|Factory EFS ⋆ Major Solution Platform

SM-G950N ENG EFS|Factory EFS

SM-G950N ENG EFS|Factory EFS

If you run into please call me, Rent A center or any form of retail lock, one of the many fixes is by flashing SM-G950N ENG EFS|Factory EFS file via Odin after flashing combination.

Below is the link to download SM-G950N Eng EFS.
File Name: SM-G950N ENG EFS|Factory EFS
Alternative Name: SM-G950N ENG EFS
File Support: SM-G950N
Password: Yes|Paid|$20

Download Link

How To Apply Eng EFS To SM-G950N?

1. Pretty simple, Download Odin3, look below for all Odin 3 Versions

ALL Odin3 Versions

2. Flash Combination for your model, see link for some of the combination files we have below,If you can’t find your model, please google it.

Samsung Combination

3. Boot back to download mode and flash SM-G950N ENG EFS FILE

4. Flash stock firmware for your device, and you’re good to go.


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