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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A Root and Imei Repair

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A Root and Imei Repair

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A Root and Imei Repair

Pre-requisite for Redmi Note 5A imei Repair:

The following Guides are going to be carried out in order of importance.

  • Unlocking Bootloader For Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A
  • Installing TWRP Recovery Via Fastboot and Rooting
  • Backing Efs and QCN[VERY IMPORTANT]
  • Conclusion

Focus Point:

At the end of the this Guide, we’ll learn all of the important steps that are necessary; from Knowing how to unlock bootloader, to knowing simple command formular for flashing TWRP Recoveries(Custom Recoveries) and finally understanding the basics in all Xiaomi QCOM imei repair.

Session 1: Unlocking Bootloader For Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A   [Redmi Note 5A Root and Imei Repair]

Enable oem unlock and usb debugging from Developer Option and turn off device. Now, in some devices, you may need to disassemble device to get edl test point.

While most older Xiaomi devices have volume combination exploits to enter edl mode.

For Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A EDL TEST POINT SCHEMATICS, First remove sim tray from device, while using either your nail tips to carefully, pull off the front cover of device. For Test Point, See Screenshot Below

How To Enter EDL MODE:

  1. Connect one end of Usb Cable to Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A usb port.
  2. Place a Peaker at the two-point circled in the screenshot above, while connecting the other end of the cable to Computer.
  3. Open Device Manager and check for Qualcomm HS QDLOADER 9008 com port, if present, device is on edl mode. Let’s proceed to the next step.

To Unlock Bootloader, there are two methods for all xiaomi redmi devices.

Method 1: Using MI Unlock Tool:-

  • Make sure your phone number is bound to your MI Account
  • To use MI unlock tool, you need to sign in your MI ACCOUNT on your device .
  • Run Mi Unlock Tool.
  • Sign in the same account you signed in on device as well
  • Click Unlock and follow the onscreen Guide and accept bootloader unlock prompt on device, if you carried out these steps correctly, you should have your bootloader unlocked.


Method 2: Using UMT QC FIRE V3.5

  • Follow the above Guide in STEP 1 to get into edl mode, once you’re in edl mode
  • Open UMT QC fire Module, Click on Read & Tools, the bootloader unlock interface is right beneath Disable Mi Account.
  • Click On BL Un/Relock, you’ll be asked if you want bootloader unlocked, press YES, and within seconds, bootloader is unlocked and device will be rebooted to home screen. Please Refer to Screenshot For clarification:-

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A Root and Imei Repair

Note: Unlocking bootloader erases your personal data, like contacts, pictures, videos, documents, etc, so make sure you back up important contents before you embark on this guide.


Session  2: Installing TWRP Recovery Via Fastboot and Rooting.

  • To install twrp recovery, proceed to download that of Redmi Note 5A below Link DESCRIPTION:

Download link

  • Download Adb & Fastboot drivers, extract the drivers , rename twrp image to img, or any suitable name of your choice!
  • Enable usb debugging and oem unlock, connect device to Computer, type adb devices, if you see a serial number in the result, your device is connected!!
  • Type “adb reboot bootloader” without quotes; device will be rebooted to fastboot mode.
  • Type fastboot boot recovery.img , device will go into twrp recovery mode, swipe to the Right to allow modification.
  • Copy magist zip to internal memory of device, install and reboot.!!!
  • In about 5 minutes max, your MI device should be completely booted, set up as new, re-enable usb debugging.


Session  3: Backing Up EFS and QCN[Very Important]

In this session, you just need to get any tool that supports backup and restore of QCN and EFS Data. For the sake of convenience, let’s duel on NCK/UMT Tool.

*Open NCK Qualcomm Module,
*Enable usb debugging and connect to PC
*Go to UTILS, next click Enable Diag, please refer to Screenshot below


*Once diag is enabled, confirm in Device Manager for Diag Port…
Click On IMEI-QCN-SIMLOCK, then click Backup to back device original QCN (This step must not be skipped)!

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A Root and Imei Repair

Copy the backed up QCN to a very safe location{You will need this later!!)

Boot device back to EDL Mode, Open UMT QC FIRE, go to Read & Tools, Click Reset Efs , when prompt whether to reset partial or full, choose Full efs reset{Please Don’t Miss Step)

Once device efs partition is erased, you are set to write new data to device.
Re-enable Diag Mode by following the above procedure,
Download QMSL IMEI & SN Writer, See Link = https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/my-drive

Open QMSL IMEI & SN WRITER, input IMEI 1 & 2 value and click START(You should receive OK!)

Finally, open NCK Qualcomm or any tool that supports restore of QCN, and do restore the original QCN File you backed up initially. restart device, insert sim and confirm network signals.

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